This Be A Wrestle Fuckin’ Mania 28 PPV Preview… BITCH!!!!!!

This Be A Wrestle Fuckin’ Mania 28 PPV Preview… BITCH!!!!!!


After taking a big warm creamy shit all over the memory of Alan/Hell Gator and uppercutting the resurrection of the shittiest website known to man, XRWB, straight to the depths of hell (while taking a piss on the brand the whole time it plunged into its new fiery home) it’s time to get back to your regularly scheduled program. If you learned anything from that little site distraction it should be that you really don’t want to fucking piss me the fuck off. All that’s gonna happen is that I’m going to end up taking your ass to school and then I’m gonna to embarrass your ass by pulling off a Columbine type massacre up in this bitch. Fuck all that though, that’s the past and this is the motherfuckin’ present, and in the present I have to deal with motherfuckers asking me why I haven’t had any WrestleMania 28 related coverage on the site.

For starters, I’m not a fucking WWE hype machine. If they can’t do a good job in selling me on ordering WrestleMania 28 on April 1st then why the fuck should I care about the event? There’s plenty of sites out there covering the PPV, even going as far as having WrestleMania themed months and/or WrestleMania Week, like some groupie ass bitches, so why are people harassing me for MY thoughts on the PPV? Fuck it though, y’all want WrestleMania, I’m going to give y’all bitches Wrestle Fuckin’ Mania so you motherfuckers can stop flooding my motherfucking email asking me stupid WrestleMania 28 related bullshit. Be warned, I really don’t feel like writing about stupid ass wrestling right now, so I’m just going to reach deep down in the crevice of my asscrack and pull out a WrestleMania 28 preview (proverbially speaking of course) and if it doesn’t meet your precious high standards of IWC literature then fuck you very much bitch. Let’s get this motherfucker started, shall we? #Hypothetical…

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