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Brief Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW Super Show 4/10/12

Brief Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW 4/10/12


Instead of posting the diss blog I planned on posting today, I’m going to B A STAR and give some brief thoughts on RAW. I know I’ve come off pretty negative about wrestling lately, but I was genuinely losing interest in the product which I’ve both watched and enjoyed for about as long as I could remember. Now that The Road To WrestleMania is over, and with past and new Superstars making their returns/debuts, WWE has a freshness to it that has been lacking for quite some time. Anyways, I finally watched RAW as it aired live instead of playing catch up on my DVR and decided to write a few brief thoughts since THE INFAMOUS fanbase keeps checking back on a daily basis for new updates and I’ve been somewhat of a neglectful blog owner as of late (thanks for the continued support, I really do appreciate it). If this goes over well, I plan on doing these on a regular basis. Why brief thoughts instead of THE REAL RAW SHYT? Well, it seems that wrestling fans have the shortest of all attention spans, so instead of wasting time writing over 3,000 words that are more likely going to get skimmed (I really hate when people do that), I rather keep it light since writing so much every time I post only ends up to me being burned out by the end of the week, resulting in less updates. So, join me as I return to what brought me to the dance so to speak, some good ol’ wrestling coverage! OK, I’M RELOADED!!!!! Read more…

My Exclusive Interview With Dixie Carter by Shaman’s Harvest

My Exclusive Interview With Dixie Carter by Shaman’s Harvest


I’ve never really written anything about TNA before, probably because they suck, but I thought I would change that. No sense in reviewing Impact Wrestling since I have no idea what’s going on there anyways, so I decided it was time for another Exclusive Infamous Interview and get to the bottom of TNA’s suckery. I first tried to interview Hulk Hogan, but all he wanted to do was talk about The Ultimate Warrior and make me guess which one of his blonde bimbos was his daughter and which was his wife/girlfriend/hooker. I really don’t see why it mattered since he had sex with both afterwards. Then I tried to interview Eric Bischoff, but all he did was ask me to edit a stolen CM Punk promo for Sting to say. Then he showed me his penis so I knew it was time to go. Finally I decided I’d settle for the stupid bitch… I mean, talented and dedicated Southerner (oxymoron) named Dixie Carter, the President of TNA (I think). So let’s see what she had to say! Read more…

Karma Has Come To Collect: Ultimate Warrior Disses Hulk Hogan…Hulk Hogan, We Coming For You Nigga!!!!!

Whoever reported on Monday that these videos were coming out in 48 hours needs to be shot in the face. Anyways, on June 17, 2011, Warrior released a few YouTube videos dissing the fuck out of Hulk Hogan. I managed to snatch these up so I would have them up before sites like Rajah, so if you were looking for these then you’re welcome. If I have time later on tonight I will watch these and transcribe the important parts. Enjoy. Read more…

Caption This Shyt: R-Truth Wants His Son Back!!!

Have you seen R-Truth’s son? He would sure like him back. The last time R-Truth saw his son, he dropped him off at Little Jimmy’s house. When he went to pick Little Ronnie up from his friends house, he was nowhere to be found. R-Truth asked Little Jimmy about the whereabouts of his son, but Little Jimmy seemed more interested in playing with his John Cena action figures. Truth has since developed a hatred for all things John Cena and Little Jimmy and everyone is about to get GOT until Little Ronnie makes his way back to his dad, and THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!!!


I was really looking forward to posting Ultimate Warrior’s 55 minute Hulk Hogan diss video that he promised would drop yesterday, but I guess he pussied out. WHAT YOU GONNA DO BROTHER, WHEN HULK HOGAN THREATENS A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU?!? If your the Warrior I guess you tuck your tail between your legs and hide. Whatever, fuck these washed up old geezers. Anyways, I will be back later on tonight with my WWE Capitol Punishment preview. I will try my best not to pull a Warrior and actually have it up. If not tonight then tomorrow morning before I head out to the Bruins Championship Parade. It sure does feel good to be a Boston sports fan in the 2000’s 🙂

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Random Thoughts About TNA’s Current Product… And A Bonus Rant! by The Modern Native

Random Thoughts About TNA’s Current Product… And A Bonus Rant! by The Modern Native


Ok, here’s how I’d like this to work, ideally. Hopefully, every two weeks, I can post one of these columns about my thoughts on the current product in TNA. I’m going to shoot for every two or three weeks, because doing one every week would get old fast, as alot of the storylines, shockingly, are long-term ones. The “Evolution of TNA” series is taking a hiatus currently, because I’m part of a new Cardiac Intensive Care Unit that my hospital is opening up next month. With that, my second job and going to school full-time, I can write a random thoughts piece much quicker than writing a drawn out, detailed piece such as the Evolution series. Hopefully in August things will have settled down for me and I can get back to it. Anyways, without further ado, here are some random thoughts that I’ve had from watching TNA the past few weeks. I seriously think that TNA is going in a great direction with a lot of things and most of these will be focused on the positive aspects of the company. I try not to get focused on the bad things because that hampers the enjoyment you can get out of watching. You don’t watch your favorite football team because they suck, you watch because one day, they’ll win. Let me know what you think at the end. Read more…

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/9/2011

Crossing The Line: The Best Impact Wrestling Review On The Whole F’N Planet 6/9/2011


It’s been a while since I have reviewed Impact Wrestling. So why am I reviewing Impact when I could have reviewed Smackdown? It’s because wrestling matters. The last time I checked WWE wasn’t the end all be all when it comes to professional wrestling. I have been watching TNA for a few years now and I must say that I do enjoy their brand of wrestling. I know the IWC likes to hate on everything that’s not affiliated with WWE, but if they took the time to watch the show instead of ripping it in order to seem cool and fit in with the rest of the online savages they would realize that Impact Wrestling can be a good wrestling show which sometimes tops RAW in overall entertainment value. Yeah, I said it and what? Anyways, this used to be my most disrespectful and vulgar review out of the bunch. Before wrestling mattered, TNA’s slogan was “Crossing The Line”. I took that to heart and made sure I pushed the envelope on my Impact reviews. I have toned it down for this site though since I tend to force it and I want to expose Impact Wrestling in a positive light. I know, shocker. Mostly every TNA review I read is some negative bullshit based on Hogan/Bishoff/Russo hate bias, but I don’t give 2 shits about who books the show, I just write about the entertainment presented to me. So without further ado let’s cross the line because WRESTLING MATTERS MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!! Read more…

What If… Part 1 by Tony Kegger

What If…..Part 1 Written (and linked) by Tony Kegger


What are the greatest moments in WWE history? When I see that question, I think of a lot of things. I think of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant. I think of the epic Stone Cold “Austin 3:16” speech. I think of Mankind getting thrown off the top of the Hell In A Cell structure. I think of Stone Cold wearing a crimson mask while Bret Hart has him in the Sharpshooter. I even think of The Miz cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase to become WWE Champion. Those are some of the greatest moments to ever happen in the WWE. They are also events that very easily could have never taken place. A lot of things could have prevented those things from happening and a lot of things DID almost prevent them from happening. I am going to present several “What Ifs” in this column and in future “What If” columns. First, all of these “What Ifs” are incidents that affected the WWE. I did not include any “What Ifs” that might have affected another wrestling company like WCW or TNA. Second, I only included “What Ifs” that had a really decent chance at actually happening. I’m not going to do a “What if The Rock was never born?” or “What if Vince McMahon didn’t make John Cena into the face of the WWE?” unless I found research that Rocky Johnson forgot to wear a condom or that Vince McMahon was originally against giving Cena a push. I also want to mention that you might notice a lot of “What Ifs” related to The Rock, Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels. It just so happens that they all have some really good “What Ifs”. This is part one of what will be a “What If” trilogy. These “What Ifs” are in order of when the events happened. Read more…