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Brief Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW Super Show 4/10/12

Brief Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW 4/10/12


Instead of posting the diss blog I planned on posting today, I’m going to B A STAR and give some brief thoughts on RAW. I know I’ve come off pretty negative about wrestling lately, but I was genuinely losing interest in the product which I’ve both watched and enjoyed for about as long as I could remember. Now that The Road To WrestleMania is over, and with past and new Superstars making their returns/debuts, WWE has a freshness to it that has been lacking for quite some time. Anyways, I finally watched RAW as it aired live instead of playing catch up on my DVR and decided to write a few brief thoughts since THE INFAMOUS fanbase keeps checking back on a daily basis for new updates and I’ve been somewhat of a neglectful blog owner as of late (thanks for the continued support, I really do appreciate it). If this goes over well, I plan on doing these on a regular basis. Why brief thoughts instead of THE REAL RAW SHYT? Well, it seems that wrestling fans have the shortest of all attention spans, so instead of wasting time writing over 3,000 words that are more likely going to get skimmed (I really hate when people do that), I rather keep it light since writing so much every time I post only ends up to me being burned out by the end of the week, resulting in less updates. So, join me as I return to what brought me to the dance so to speak, some good ol’ wrestling coverage! OK, I’M RELOADED!!!!! Read more…

WrestleMania 28 Match Preview: Team Johnny vs Team Teddy by Shaman’s Harvest

WrestleMania 28 Match Preview: Team Johnny vs Team Teddy by Shaman’s Harvest


Ok, so how has everyone been doing? I know I haven’t been around too much lately, but neither has any other writer on this site, and that’s basically because I’ve been bored with wrestling; especially Smackdown, to the point where I only watch it so I can tweet Booker T’s FAVE FIVE to all 840 of my adoring fans, but honestly, if I can be serious for a moment, this site has gone up in flames faster than the fucking Hindenburg, something has to be done before JCITY’s heart gives out or his liver fails from all the booze and Mass Effect 3. So I decided that it’s Wrestlemania season and it’s time to get some content back up. Hopefully JCITY will get in the Wrestlemania mood soon and come up with some Rock trashing columns. Read more…

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!! A 25th Anniversary Preview Of The 2012 Royal Rumble

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!! A 25th Anniversary Preview Of The 2012 Royal Rumble 


This Sunday marks the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Rumble PPV and to celebrate I will preview every match on the card while predicting the winners and losers of every match, including the illustrious 30 Man Royal Rumble Match, where the winner will receive a coveted World Championship opportunity at the biggest PPV of the year. The Road To WrestleMania starts now.  Read more…

Most Improved Wrestler Of The Year: Tie ~ Mark Henry and Cody Rhodes

2011 was the year where established veterans and the younger wrestlers alike stepped their game up. It was hard to narrow this down to only one person, so I went with the two who stood out the most. This time last year Mark Henry absolutely sucked. He was nothing more than enhancement talent used to make others look good. His ring attire didn’t do him any favors either as fans compared Henry to the Kool Aid man. All that changed in 2011. After being drafted to Smackdown, Henry switched up his whole style. He finally got the chance to start over and became the monster heel his size dictates him to be.

After years of being thought of as a joke, Henry took out all of his pent-up aggression on any WWE Superstar that got in his way. To prove that he was the biggest baddest motherfucker in the WWE, he put Big Show and Kane on the shelf. Henry also did what people have said he would never do, he won the World Heavyweight Championship. Not only did he finally win his first major title after being in the WWE for 15 years, he beat Randy Orton for it. Henry was the most dominant wrestler of 2011, but not only did he improve on his overall character, he also improved on the mic, cutting the best promos of his career. As for Cody Rhodes… Read more…

Brief Thoughts On Friday Night Smackdown 7/22/11

Brief Thoughts On Friday Night Smackdown 7/22/11


I didn’t get to watch Smackdown until this morning, so I went with the Brief Thoughts format since I wanted to have this up before I crashed and had alcohol infused dreams. Hopefully it’s up to par with all the other Brief Thoughts posts I have posted this week and if not, then don’t blame me, blame the motherfucking Hennessy. I have already said more than I should have, so let’s get right to it.  Read more…

WWE Money In The Bank Fan Report by Tony Kegger

WWE Money In The Bank Fan Report 
by Tony Kegger 
I was one of the lucky 14,815 fans that attended the WWE Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View at the Allstate Arena in Chicago (actually Rosemont) on July 17th. It was a really awesome PPV and it was probably the best WWE event I have ever gone to. I say “probably” because I was at the last Monday Night RAW before Wrestlemania 27 and that had The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels all in the same building so I enjoyed that event too, but I think I enjoyed this event a little bit more. Once I see the whole PPV on DVD, I will probably appreciate how fortunate I was to attend such a historic event. I hope I can remember a lot of what happened at the PPV. I think I have a pretty good memory. Okay… enough introductions. It’s time to start the fan report. Read more…

Cashing It In: My *LIVE* WWE Money In The Bank PPV Coverage

Cashing It In: My *LIVE* WWE Money In The Bank PPV Coverage


Welcome to my *LIVE* coverage of the WWE Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View. Check back after 8e/5p and refresh the page throughout the night for my live thoughts and official results as they happen. For LIVE thoughts straight from the All-State Arena follow @TonyKegger on Twitter.

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