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Confessions Of An Internet Troll by (Insert Name Here)

Confessions Of An Internet Troll by (Insert Name Here)


[Editors Note: The last few days on this site have been a roller-coaster ride for those who have followed me from my not so humble beginnings on While it was fun having a blast from the past get a foot up his ass, it was a big letdown to find out that Alan was a made up creation. Here in this post is the person behind the Alan character, explaining everything that has gone down since the last time we saw him and the motivation for his deception; the commentator formally known as Hell Gator. While he denies being Craig Smith aka C-Raid aka The Raider Of The Lost Cocks, I’m 100% sure that they are indeed the same person. With that being said, Hell Gator/Alan has decided to come forward and clear the air on all the controversy surrounding his recent exposure. Here is his story…]

Well… I always had a feeling this day would come. Never like this though, but nonetheless I had a feeling this would happen. I know you have all executed me already, but I would like to take some of your time to explain myself. I promise to be completely honest with you and I will not hide or cover anything up. This is the whole and complete truth to what has been an interesting last 16 months to say the least. It won’t change anything that has happened or make anything right or even explain why I did the things I did, but maybe it will put this whole journey to peace at last. Read more…

Fuck Blogger ~ RIP THEREALSHYT.COM 8/31/2010 – 4/28/2011

The fine folks at Blogger have decided to shutdown without any explanation as to why they would do such a thing. Did I violate the sites Terms and Conditions? Did I abuse my first amendment rights? Did I post one to many booty pics? I have no idea what I did wrong and I feel like I deserve an explanation as to why was forced to shutdown. All I ever set out to do was entertain the masses. Sure my site was a bit edgy, but that’s what set me apart from the rest of the cookie cutter sites floating around the Internet, mainly the IWC. Am I highly upset about this inconvenience? You’re damn right I am, but it seems like there is nothing I could do about it. So with that being said, FUCK BLOGGER. I will never use their services again. I put in alot of time and effort into so having my work just disappear without a trace is really upsetting. I’m sure my haters are somewhere celebrating right now but fuck them. I must brush the dirt off my shoulders and start from scratch. This is my chance to start fresh. My redemption.

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