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Are You Serious Bro? Alan and Craig Smith Are The Same Person

Are You Serious Bro? Alan and Craig Smith Are The Same Person


It has recently come to my attention that Craig Smith aka C-Raid the raider of uncut cocks and his butt buddy, Hell Gaytor, are the same person, as proven by identical IP addresses. If you thought they were separate personalities, then you were fooled by the human Maxi Pad/Tampon of a cunt, Craig Smith aka The Raider Of The Lost Cocks. Seriously, there is no difference between them. They are one in the same. It looks like this motherfucker has a multiple personality disorder and he goes around making different email accounts just to pull off his two different personas just to cause friction between other people. In other words, he has no friends, so he just went and created his own best friend to have his back in whatever online drama he starts. Fucking sad man. He’s also commentated as Anon a few times and even though he claims he barely comes on here, he’s been trolling the site for a long time now.

To make matters worse… his IP address matches that of Alan. Yes, our very own Alan is nothing more than another one of Craig’s multiple personalities. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? This dude gets on here, hates on a regular basis, then comes on as Alan and acts like everyone’s friend? This motherfucker needs psychological help, ASAP. Instead of trying to get a website resurrection going, this walking Maxi Pad of a man needs to find himself a therapist and get his life together. Mr. Smith should have just stayed his ass in the shadows. Congratulations Craig, you wanted my attention and you got it. I hope it was everything you ever wanted it to be… now GO EAT A DICK BITCH!!!!!!

I’ve wasted enough time on this human Maxi Pad/Tampon of a cunt. RIP Craig Smith aka C-Raid The Raider Of The Lost Cocks aka Hell Gaytor aka… Alan (I really didn’t see that one coming ahahahaha. Bitch!).

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